The Power of Dreams.

We believe in a world with greater trust and respect for privacy between individuals and companies, so our mission is to empower this digital trust.

We do not judge if the use of personal data for a particular purpose violates your privacy. We believe that you are able to make this decision for yourself if you know how your personal data is being used and if you are given the option to change what you don’t like about it.

This is our shared dream that inspires us to make a positive impact to the global community and remain the curious shapers we are.

The Power of Beliefs.

Having strong beliefs creates an energy which is compelling and contagious. We are driven by our three core beliefs:

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

Simplicity is the key for solutions to engage as many people as possible and to drive change.

The Power of One.
Your ability as an individual to make a difference if given the right tools such as our One.Thing.Less app.

The Power of Collaboration.

One.Thing.Less is only possible because we foster collaborations based on diversity and integrity. Diversity is essential to us, because the best ideas materialize through collaborating with people who have different backgrounds, stories, experiences and points of view. It is what makes us more innovative, more creative and more successful.

We are inclusive, respectful and treat others as we want to be treated, earning mutual trust through transparency, honesty and delivering on promises. With all our actions, we strive to be ethical and responsible corporate citizens who give to and not only take from society.

Turning a dream into reality takes a real team effort, and here are a few of the individuals who stand behind One.Thing.Less:

  • James Aschberger
    Founder, Chairman & CEO

  • Thomas Botton
    Product Owner at Liip

  • Jérémie Fontana
    Senior Designer & Privacy Advocate at Liip

  • Noé Froidevaux
    Backend and iOS Developer at Liip

  • Darja Gartner
    Senior UX Designer at Liip

  • Germain Hugon
    Full Stack Developer at Liip

  • Lukas Morscher
    Vice-Chairman, Partner at Lenz & Staehelin Zurich

  • Vincent Nida
    Member of the Board, former Global Brand President at L’Oréal, Independent Consultant, LP & Advisor at 50 Partners, Paris

  • Jonas Schmid
    Mobile Developer at Liip

  • Angela Sun
    Member of the Board and former Global Head of Strategy & Corporate Development at Bloomberg Group, New York

  • Hugo Torres
    Software Developer at Liip

  • Georgina Waterhouse
    Founder & CEO at The W Agency

The Power of Connections.

The easiest way to connect with us is to follow us on social media using the icons at the bottom. If you need to reach us via email:

One.Thing.Less AG, with registered office in Freienbach SZ, Switzerland
Commercial registry number CHE-204.728.260.