I forgot with which email address I registered with some of the companies.  Can I enter multiple email addresses to check?

Right now, we can only associate one email with one One.Thing.Less account, but you are free to register multiple accounts with One.Thing.Less.

I have forgotten my password – can I contact your customer service?

Privacy is very important to us and as such our customer service won't be able to help you as we can't see or access your password. It is all encrypted for your protection. Simply click on "Forgot your password" on the app's login screen and follow the instructions.

What kind of companies can I contact using the One.Thing.Less app?

We list a range of market-leading companies you can contact using our app. Our aim is to evolve and grow this list. If you would like us to consider adding more, please go to our suggestions section and let us know.

Can I ask companies additional questions?

Not yet, because we want to make sure we get the basics right for you first. We are starting with this initial set of seven questions, but you can ask us to consider additional questions here.

What happens if a company refuses or is unable to answer any of the questions you ask on my behalf?

If you are an EU resident and a company refuses or is unable to provide you with an answer, then the company is legally obliged to inform you on your possibility of lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority and seeking a judicial remedy directly.

Why can I not transfer personal data such as photos, purchase receipts, location tracking data and other data that I have with other companies into my One.Thing.Less account?

We want to earn your trust before offering you to securely store more personal data with us. For this very reason we do not request or want companies to provide us with your personal data itself – we only ask questions about how they use your personal data.