Privacy & Security.

What information does One.Thing.Less store on me?

Based on your registration with us, we store your profile name, your email address and your country of residence. We store your login password in a tokenized format, which means that it is not visible to us. Based on requests that you initiate through One.Thing.Less, we store any information that third parties selected by you submit as answers to us.

How secure is the One.Thing.Less app?  How can I be sure it won’t be hacked and my information exposed?

One.Thing.Less maintains the appropriate technical and organizational measures to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data such as encryption technology, which is attested by the independent ISAE 3000 Audit Report by Ernst & Young. 

In addition, we only store only the minimum of data required to provide our services and only process information about the use of your personal data but not the personal data itself.

How can I be sure no one else is getting information about the use of my personal data without my knowledge through the app?

Our system only allows one email address to be registered and associated with each One.Thing.Less account, and email addresses cannot be transferred to other accounts.

What happens if I want to delete my account with OTL?

We would be sad to lose you as our customer, but also make it very easy for you to do. Simply click on the "More" tab in our app, and then on "Delete my account". Once you confirm your deletion request, we irrevocably erase you from our systems.